The Enpee Exact Blender (BLACK)

The Enpee Exact Blender (BLACK)

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Introducing the NEW Enpee Exact 2200W Blender

A new all in one blender, ideal for those wishing to upgrade to a more powerful blender at a very competitive price



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The new Enpee Exact Blender has been introduced for those that are new to blending

Designed to make your life in the kitchen easier and simpler without breaking the bank! Create smoothies and milkshakes with ease.

With patented professionally strengthened Titanium cutting and mixing blades no item is ingredients are too tough for this blender

German technology motor
3HP motor running at 38,000RPM ensuring whatever you put inside is blitzed!
Complete with stirring rod/tamper.
2.0L BPA-Free Jug – Virtually indestructible
Food safe plastic – FDA certified jug, SGS certified lid, BPA Free
Variable control speed to tackle all levels of food thickness
Pulse button
Dual Safety Feature – If the motor is to ever overheat then it shuts down automatically, as well as if the current becomes too high


  • 2200W 3HP Motor
  • Thick rubber sound reducing lid also helps to avoid spillage
  • Non slip feet
  • Hardened Japanese 6 Blade knives
  • Overheat protection


  • Main Blender Unit
  • 2.05L Jug with Built-In Blades
  • Durable Lid with Food Chute
  • Tamper
  • Instruction Booklet


The whole unit with the jug on the base stands at 52cm tall (without tamper)

The base only is 17cm tall, is 20cm wide and has a depth of 24cm


Q: Why is this Exact model cheaper then the Prestige model?

A: The Prestige model is our top of the range model , and the most powerful

Q: The Exact model is 2200W and the Prestige is 1500W, so the Exact model is more powerful right?

A: Wattage is not only the determining factor – The Prestige model has a more robust motor made of higher quality components and with the titanium blades it results in a better blend

Q: So which model should I go for?

A: The Exact model is aimed at infrequent users and those that require less power, so for example making green smoothies, milkshakes, and those that will use it once or twice a day. The Prestige model is better equipped for retail establishments like shops and restaurants and those that require hot soups, nut butters, and dry grinding many times a day



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