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What our customers are saying...

Enpee has many extremely satisfied clients and they're only too happy for us to tell you what they've been saying...

  • This blender is brilliant. It can comfortably chew through any food you throw at it. I spent ages deliberating between this and a blentec/vitamix. I am thrilled both with the product and the money I saved by choosing the Enpee. Like others have said, it does lack a manual, which would have been helpful, but that doesn't detract from the product, which is a fantastically powerful beast of a blender. I had some queries about the delivery arrangements, and the vendors were quick to answer and very helpful. Highly recommended!
  • I would highly recommend this blender. I have not been able to resist making loads of smoothies since I bought it. The delivery was very quick & it was well packaged. My only complaint would be the instruction booklet (which it has to be said is not good!) & a few starter recipes would be great. Apart from that it is pretty self explanatory & very easy to use. I usually put things like this away in the cupboard but this hasn't had a chance to get dusty because I have used it so much.
  • I haven't had a Vitamix so I can't compare but it certainly makes very lump free & creamy soups & smoothies at around half the price.
  • I spent ages looking for a blender like a lot of people I am into juicing and having read about the benefits of blending I wanted a decent strong one capable of producing creamy smooth textured drinks. This blender is truly competent at blending lovely textured drinks It has simple controls and you feel totally in control of the blending. I will say here it is a gentle beast of a machine if that makes senses! P.S its so easy to clean too Also I rest it on a silicone baking mat which for me does seem to absorb some of the sound.
  • This company does seem genuinely into their potential customers I had a email reply to one of my queries on a warm Friday night!
  • I noticed on other customer reviews that there is no recipe book and that was something they felt was needed, in the company's blurb they do suggest looking up recipes on the internet but I Would say lets a have a recipe book, the reason being This machine is capable of a hell of a lot and I for one want to use it to its full potential I feel a booklet with recipes and guidance, talking us through just what this machine can do would be the the icing on the cake and its so much easier to work with a booklet in front of you.
  • As I am so into my blending I was prepared to buy a Blentec or Vitamix but was put off by by the price and in vitamix case the hassle some people had with customer services.
  • So 20 out of ten for blending but at this time of writing the soup making is work in progress, that's another reason why a more detailed booklet would be a great complement to this really good quality product. Apart from my juicer Its one of the best items I have ever bought!